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Epic Win

Last week I was offered the chance of a lifetime… to go to work for an already accomplished institution to develop and implement their digital and social media strategy. 

I’ve learned a lot about digital and social media over the past year, but the most important thing I’ve learned regarding this media is my passion.  I think The Other Paper called me an evangelist, and that’s true.  When I believe in the power of something, I go at with 120% to help realize it’s potential. 

That’s what I was doing at NBC 4, I was helping people understand the power.   Luckily, I wasn’t alone.  I had a team of people that saw the potential in social media and were as committed to seeing it work as I was.  I believe that a single person can yeild a lot of power when it comes to something like this… to empower the members of their team.  The team then creates a legacy (one person doesn’t).  Our NBC 4 team is doing that right now, and I’m proud to have been a part of that.

In a month I will move to The Ohio State University Medical Center.  I’ll be in a position to be a part of another great team, doing amazing work with patient care and research.  OSUMC is focused on individualizing care for each person.  After the last few months advocating for my daughter, that message is something that I want to be a part of… The possibilities social media brings to an organization to individualize attention are nearly endless.

I have very mixed emotions about this; the only work I’ve ever known is local TV news.  I’m still passionate about the direction it’s going, and the potential it has.  Local TV news is also the only work my family has ever known.  I’m not going out on a limb when I say that it is extremely difficult to give your family the attention they desereve when you work in this industry; it demands so much of your attention, and you never know when it will demand all of your attention.  It’s both the most exciting part of the job, and the most taxing on a family.

I’m hoping that the relationships I’ve built in Central Ohio will continue to allow me to use my talent to build a model internal and external system of digital and social media that will further solidify Ohio State’s Medical Center as the standard for employee and customer care.  I am in this position today because of the lessons I’ve learned from you, and that’s a debt I’ll never repay.



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